PKR Rakeback Existing Account

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Many players who already have an existing account at PKR are looking to convert their accounts to rakeback in order to receive 30% of their rake back during real money play.  In some limited cases it is possible to receive rakeback if you already have a poker account however for this to be possible you must not have signed at PKR through another "affiliate" website.  If you clicked a banner or joined through a 3rd party review to PKR, chances are you are tagged to a non rakeback affiliate and if this is the case then you will most likely not be able to receive rakeback from the site.  That being said, in some cases we can get your player account re-tagged to receive rakeback, please follow the instructions below if you are interested in receiving rakeback for your existing account.

* If you do not have an existing account, please sign up here for PKR rakeback!

  • Send us an email clearly stating your PKR username from the email address associated with your current PKR account (important as we need to match the details with PKR).
  • Once we have received your information, we will forward your request to PKR and wait to hear back from them which can take up to 7 business days depending on current request volume.
  • If you are approved for rakeback, your account will begin receiving it immediately and will paid out automatically each month by the PKR team, no worrying about 3rd party payments.
  • If you are denied for PKR rakeback, there isn't too much we can do however we will try our best to find a solution for you to help you get rakeback from PKR if it's at all possible.

Why Don't I Automatically Get Rakeback?

PKR offers rakeback as an extended loyalty program to their high volume rakers however rakeback is available for all new signups at PKR.  In order to receive rakeback, you must go through a 3rd party affiliate site like ours who offer the special bonus codes that enable you to receive rakeback.  Since signing up for rakeback means getting 30% back each month, the deal is not heavily advertised by PKR and is an opt in deal that must be done by players and is not automatically given.

If I Already Have A PKR Account, Can I Get Rakeback?

In some cases it is possible yes, see the instructions above for details on how to go through the process for potentially receiving rakeback on your existing account. The only time where you will definitely be denied for a rakeback account is if you signed up through a non-rakeback affiliate website such as a review or bonus portal to create your account.  In this case, PKR may be able to contact the original affiliate for you to get rakeback for your account but we unfortunately cannot.